Closed gates ruin traffic flow


Emily Shintani, The Freelancer

Some students believe an open gate near the tennis courts would be a huge improvement to the new ID card policy.

Emily Shintani, Managing Editor

At the beginning of the school year, students were greeted with a new, if not slightly similar, school campus. A new freshman class, new teachers, new classrooms… but one of the most dramatic changes was the closing of the gates.

Instead of the convenience of having multiple gates open in order to arrive to class in the most timely way possible, students are forced to walk through a limited number of entrances, sometimes completely out of the way of their classes. This is incredibly frustrating for those who do not like to take the scenic route.

The solution? Open more gates.

Now, the campus does not have to be completely open (this is not an article to demand the lowering of the “cursed fences” that trap us), that would not be smart from a safety perspective. Even if only one extra gate was opened (and remained open for those coming to school for first period, not just zero) by the “stairway of death” next to the tennis courts or by the locker rooms, at least it would be an option for those who walk in from that side of the school.

It's open for zero period, but not first
Ashley Lord, The Freelancer
It’s open for zero period, but not first.

With respect to the new ID card policy which requires “all” students (zero period kids do not qualify for this apparently. That could possibly be a small flaw in a strategy to keep the campus “safe”) to show their ID in order to be able to walk through those very gates, one of the many advisers that supervise the main side entrance could be sent to watch over the newly opened entrance, wherever that may be.

(I mean, really, do we need three to four security guards at one narrow entrance?)