The heat is just too hot


Ashley Lord / The Freelancer

Students sit under the few umbrellas provided for shade during lunch.

Ashley Lord, Staff Writer

School seems to be starting earlier and earlier. Summer vacation is getting much too short and, as a result, school started during a period of burning heat! This past week was so hot; temperatures reached the high nineties, and even into the triple digits. As if having to go to school was not already bad enough. And what about the students who have to walk home? As one of those students, I thought the temperature felt much hotter than 95˚ or 97˚.

How safe is it really for us to be out in this kind of heat? According to the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, if the temperature outside the body is too warm, it will cause the blood to shift to the surface of the body and make the body sweat.

The division’s website states, “Prolonged sweating draws a lot of water from the bloodstream, further reducing its capacity to deliver nutrients, clear out wastes, lubricate joints and cool you later.”

That does not seem very safe to me. I have to admit that the benefit of having air-conditioned classrooms helps, but some teachers keep their classrooms so cold, it makes it hard to concentrate when it feels like you are freezing.

Now what about nutrition or lunch? The students who have P.E.? There is not much shade where we are allowed to sit, especially when there are so many students who are trying to squeeze into what little shade there is. Last year, the school put out new umbrellas in the tables around the senior circle, by the library, and by the girl’s restroom in the C building. However, there are not enough tables for every group of students, so it leaves too many people out standing in the sun.

Being out on the blacktop where the heat gathers is not too appealing either. This heat will cause girls to want to break the dress code by wearing shorter shorts and spaghetti strap tank tops in order to cool off. I respect the dress code because modesty is important, but the heat has been too much!

I know this is sunny southern California and we do not get snow, so it really is understandable that we do not get snow days. However, like I said, this is sunny southern California. Heat is expected. Even though most of us may have adapted to receive hot weather, it does not mean the kind of weather we have been having is tolerable. Is it too hard to consider having heat days for those of us down here? On days when the forecast says it will be in the high nineties to the low hundreds, maybe it would be best to play it safe with students’ health and just let everyone have the day off of school. It would be much safer for students and even give us a chance to have what can feel like another day of a summer vacation. Swimming or spending the day at the beach for the ones who can would be a much appreciated benefit of getting a day off of school.

It’s nice that the weather seems to be cooling down for this next week. According to, the temperature should stay in the eighties with a high of 90˚ on Monday. That is not as hot as the past several days, but it is still hot. I like warm weather as much as the next person but sometimes I have to admit that sometimes the heat is just too hot.

The only advice I can give for what to do in the heat is:

  1. Stay out of as much direct sunlight as possible
  2. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration
  3. Keep from an overabundance of physical activity

If you keep to these three things when it’s super hot outside, you should hopefully be okay.