Sunrise breakfast celebrates seniors

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

On Friday, August 28, La Serna hosted the Senior Sunrise for the senior class of 2016. Seniors sat on blankets with their friends on the track field while they enjoyed ASB-provided Krispy Kreme donuts, Panera Bagels, orange juice, and hot chocolate. At around 7 a.m., after writing their names on helium filled balloons, students released the balloons into the air and watched them float into the sky.

Though some students hosted their own off campus senior breakfasts that day, the ones who went to La Serna enjoyed the experience. Letting go of the balloons was a favorite with the students. “I would say coming early with my friends, sleeping over the night before, was just super fun,” said senior Darby Harcourt. “I loved that it was a great way to start off senior year with a bang,” said senior Jordan Dodge.

The event hit home with seniors who realized that their high school career was almost over. “It’s scary to know that its going to be over soon,” said senior Savannah Harding.