Experiment with fun in the Science Club

Club of the Month: Science Club


Ashley Lord, The Freelancer

Seniors Daisy Maldonado and Jennilyn Stenske promote Science Club at Club Rush.

Haley Lomas, Editor-in-Chief

Introducing the “Club of the Month” feature!

With so many clubs on campus, it can be hard for a student to navigate the plethora of options. If a student likes debating, there’s a club for that. If a student likes helping the community, there are plenty of clubs for that. If a student likes sleeping, there’s probably, or will be, a club for that.

What the “Club of the Month” feature hopes to do is offer students up-to-date information on various clubs featured on the campus that might spark an interest.

The featured club for the month of November is the Science Club!

Science Club is a club focused on all things science. It is advised by teacher Brent Killey in room N200.

“Our goal is to make people love science, or at least find an interest,” said Science Club Vice President Jennilyn Stenske. The club is very hands on, with members planning to do experiments and, perhaps, and few science-related field trips.

When asked why someone would chose this club over others, Stenske said “[the club] is not monotonous; we like to mix it up. We focus on every field of science so all science lovers can find an interest.”

“Science Club covers every branch of science,” Killey said. Examples of different subjects covered include psychology, biology, physics, and even astronomy. “Any science a student is interested in, we’ll take it on,” he said.

Many great memories can be made in Science Club. “Last year two friends and I made an experiment and took it to the JPL science convention,” Stenske said about her favorite club memory.

Science Club is an excellent club for students who love science, or at least have an interest in it, and who want to have a hands-on experience with science and make many great memories.