New drop-off policy in east parking lot causes concerns

Natalie Vasquez, Staff Writer

A new policy was recently implemented that prohibits drop-offs in the east parking lot, according to Dean Nick Genisauski. He believes it will help lower the risk of safety hazards and try to help solve the traffic issues for La Serna. With the activation of this new policy, many students are concerned about the location of a new drop-off zone and if this policy will truly help make La Serna less congested.

“The east parking lot is only accessible to staff, students, special needs, and buses. It is true, no student drop-offs” Genisauski said. He also said that this policy was implemented to alleviate congestion in the student parking lot to create a safer environment. The zone on Youngwood Drive in front of the school should be used for drop-offs, added the dean. He believes this access point is being under-utilized.

Junior Dahlia Celis, who is occasionally dropped off in the east parking lot, expressed her anger and disappointment when informed about this new policy, “We have an immense student body that takes forever to get picked up. Parents will be frustrated. Kids will be scattered everywhere waiting for their ride. It’s just a mess.” Senior Noah Cisneros also expressed concerned views about this change, mostly due to traffic. “I would feel frustrated about another drop-off zone being eliminated since it would cause more traffic,” Cisneros said.

Students were asked if there was a good area for a new drop-off zone if the need for one were to arise. Celis and senior Kimberly Martinez both recommended that the east parking lot should remain a zone while Cisneros recommended that the country club area might be a good one.