School security improvements compromised by staff leaving gate open

Fernando Perez, Staff Writer

Updates to school security may have been compromised by teachers and staff who leave the gate adjacent to the front gate open in the mornings in order to get to their classrooms more quickly.

The closure of gates across campus has inconvenienced staff and students alike, as La Serna’s large campus is only accessible now through three gates. This has caused teachers and staff to leave the teacher access gate near the faculty parking lot open after entering through it. English teacher Jonathan Turner, who regularly uses this gate, said, “It’s easier to get to my classroom from there, instead of having to walk all the way around. It helps our mornings run smoother. The gate is supposed to be closed at all times though.” Because of this, students can gain access to campus without ID check when the gate is left open, which could reduce the effectiveness of the newly implemented ID check system.

This is not, according to security guard Ms. Cori, a big issue at all. Being as close as security is to this gate, it is easily visible from the front gate. Cori said, “We’re aware of that. We have addressed the Dean, we have addressed the Vice Principal, so the administration is very well aware of that, even the Principal.” The gates being watched over, however, do not guarantee complete security. Teachers are advised to secure all gates behind them. “It’s always a wonderful thing for teachers to secure all gates behind them, it really helps all of us; in all actuality, we’re all a team, together we achieve more, and so together we achieve more security,” Cori said.

Students, however, feel that teachers should have to lock the gate behind themselves. “They need to be setting an example of how students are supposed to behave as adults. For the gate, it seems careless; I would think that it isn’t that difficult a task to close and lock the gate,” said junior Christopher Anaya.