House of Blues Homecoming

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

For the first time in Homecoming history, La Serna students will attend the 2015 Homecoming dance at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney this Saturday.

The House of Blues was a chosen venue from three options. An event group brought Girl’s League, the club in charge of organizing Homecoming, three possible locations. “I try to keep the locations within a reasonable distance because we have this dance open for underclassmen and so, in some cases, their parents will be the ones picking them up and dropping them off,” said Staci Shackelford, Advisor for Girl’s League.

Girl’s League chose the House of Blues based on the fact that it has a capacity for about 7oo or fewer people. That is about double the number of people who usually attend school events. According to Shackelford, the largest number of people to attend a past event was 625 people. Recently, the number of tickets sold out due to limited space at the venue. Shackelford confirmed that La Serna worked with the event group to rent more space to accommodate the larger number of people who wanted to attend.

Girl’s League does a lot of planning for Homecoming. The members begin planning as soon as the previous Homecoming ends. They choose locations, design invitations, and create a theme. According to senior Girl’s League member Jacqueline Meneses, this year’s theme is “Happiest Homecoming on Earth.”

Students are excited for Homecoming to be at the House of Blues. “I know personally in our senior class we have so many Disney fanatics so just the fact that it’s at the House of Blues [means] everyone is going to love it,” Meneses said.

Students are trying to find transportation to the venue. Some are planning to hire cars or have their parents take them. Students are also considering using the transport company Uber for rides. “I will probably drive there. . . it’s not too far,” senior Aric Martinez said.

Students are rushing to finish their plans to make this Homecoming their best yet. Whether they rent a car, drive themselves, or carpool, students are excited to be going to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney.