No clue for college? No problem.

Stephanie Salas, Staff Writer

For the past three Wednesdays, seniors at La Serna have been attending 2-hour after school workshops in the library, led by College Advisement Specialist, Sandra Ochoa, to facilitate the college application process.

Luckily for Lancers, the workshops were initiated early for the 2015-2016 school year rather than starting in October, as past workshops have since 2013. Ochoa said it would be more beneficial to have the workshops offered mid-September instead.

In the workshop, Ochoa explained to college-ready students the general process that it takes to fill out these applications. In each workshop, she focused on a different university system’s format: Common App, UC, Cal State, respectively. Through a Powerpoint presentation and individual laptops for each student to log into Collegeboard, seniors were able to get a head start on the process. In the short two hour session, Ochoa succeeded at giving students the initial push they needed to get their mindset prepared for the stressful months to come. “They don’t do every single little step. They go over the majority of it. Then you have to do the rest on your own,” senior Marissa Hernandez said.

Out of the 720 seniors at La Serna, only about 5%  have been reaching out to this helping hand, but there is still time. Those who were not able to attend the first three workshops can check in with Ochoa after school at the library each Wednesday for further help on any obstacles they may face when applying to colleges. During the most hectic year for the Class of 2016, seniors can breathe a sigh of relief knowing there are still options to make their last year at La Serna one that is not devoured by stress.