La Serna student featured in “Boys’ Life” magazine


Ashley Lord, The Freelancer

Junior Hunter Davis was featured in the October issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

Haley Lomas and Ashley Lord

Lancers often go on interesting and amazing adventures, but not all get a chance to have their adventures published in a nationwide magazine.

La Serna junior Hunter Davis, alongside La Serna alumnus Michael Vermilye, got that chance when they appeared in an article in the October 2015 issue of “Boys’ Life” magazine.

The article highlighted a rigorous hike Davis, along with the other Boy Scouts in Troop 54, took in the San Gabriel mountains earlier this year. Davis knew he would be featured in the magazine beforehand. “Someone in our troop actually went to ‘Boy’s Life’ asking if they would want to do it. [The magazine] sent out a photographer with us,” Davis said.

Davis was not nervous about the hike before he began the journey. “I try not to psych myself out because then I know I wouldn’t enjoy it. I just went with the flow and when it came I was ready,” Davis said.

The Troop 54 scouts spent one week backpacking up the trail in the San Gabriel mountains that came with its own Boy Scout history. “The trail that we did was a famous trail in the San Gabriels because the ending mountain was named after the founder of Scouts in the United States,” Davis said.

The trail did have some obstacles, according to the article in “Boys’ Life,” but Davis didn’t let that bother him. “[I didn’t feel] like giving up, but I sometimes did feel like this is crazy and exhausting. It was a ton of work; every day we did ten miles a day with a 40 pound backpack,” Davis said.

All around, Davis enjoyed the experience, stating “I would definitely recommend it to other people. It was really pretty and I thought it was awesome.”