Does “innocent” vandalism reveal a bigger security threat?

Lucy Adame, Staff Writer

The high school football season usually brings hype, spirit, and a great love for our school. This also applies to schools all around our district. All of these things bring great competition and even rivalries among schools. This was shown the Friday after the homecoming game when La Serna was vandalized with toilet paper.

After creaming Whittier High School in a score of 42-0, all was good. Well… good for us.

The morning after the game, two janitors and a few band kids were surprised by the scene that greeted them. Entering the school through the locker room entrance, the ramp was covered with Charmin Ultra toilet paper (what a waste), that had mustard and ketchup squirted on it. When walking toward the senior circle you could see the trees covered in toilet paper and when you finally reached the senior circle, the place was trashed. All trash cans were tipped over, covering the ground with food and paper. When walking to the band room in the East Quad, you could see it ALL decorated in white. Seeming intricate patterns where thrown everywhere, so far even that it reached the student store. And by the flag pole where words made of ketchup that spelled out  “CAL IS BETTER.”

I first want to applaud whoever did this. It is VERY classic high school soap opera. I mean they used grade A toilet paper, and the mustard and ketchup… Nice touch! They took their time and money to make sure that La Serna’s most important places were covered in trash. Kudos to you! But I can not help but feel that this is a little cliche… is it not?

I give respect to whoever did this, but did they really think this had any effect on our school besides a minor ant problem? They did this on a Friday morning, where no one except band kids would have seen it. This was obviously an act of impulse and a funny one at that.

The biggest questions are how did they get in, and why haven’t they been caught?

La Serna has security cameras around the back lot where the old auto shop and ceramics rooms are located. One camera is pointing directly at the ramp where some TP-ing took place and it also points directly at a pathway these people would have had to take to do the rest of their TP-ing. With that being stated, how are these people not caught? Do the cameras not work? Are they there for decoration? Seriously, why do we have cameras in the back lot if all they do is look threatening? I feel the fact that these people weren’t caught is saying that people could get away with doing things like this to our school, and maybe even bigger things like stealing our laptops. This information really does scare me because that means that many things could go unseen that could potentially be threatening to the students at La Serna.

Here is a simple and easy way to fix this problem. Get cameras that work.

Just because it is there does not mean it will stop someone. Using the cameras will not only say that our campus IS safe, but will also say we take it seriously when someone defiles our beloved school campus.