Erratic drivers threaten the safety of students and staff

Irresponsible driving has frightening consequences


Natalie Vasquez, The Freelancer

The peaceful neighborhood surrounding La Serna is no place to drive recklessly.

Michael Medina, Staff Writer

As high school students mature into adults, they are bestowed many privileges and responsibilities. One of the biggest milestones of maturity is when students obtain their very own state-sanctioned driver’s license. This, of course, means that they are capable of making wise and safe decisions in situations when several lives, including their own, are at stake.┬áDrivers who violate the conventions of driving are often fined and may even have their license revoked. Considering that this privilege is given to students that are well below the age of legal maturity, one has to wonder if these young motorists truthfully are able to be considerate of their own safety and the safety of others around them.

La Serna is home to many student drivers who use their respective vehicles as a mode of transportation from home to school. The majority of these drivers utilize the student parking lot. Any visit to the student parking lot when students arrive and leave is sure to incite anxiety and fear from those who attempt to use the gated entrances adjacent to the lot. Lancers zoom in and out of the parking lot, engines and radios blaring, as if they have total disregard for anyone’s safety. This type of driving would never be acceptable by any driver on any road, but yet it is commonplace in our campus parking lot. This type of driving endangers other students and parents who chose to use this parking lot.

Recently, this issue has manifested off-campus in an unfortunate situation involving several of La Serna’s own students. Two juniors driving through a local residential neighborhood collided with a tree at a dangerous speed, trapping the boys in the wrecked car.

“It was a bad collision. Police flooded the streets within 5 or 6 minutes,” says an eyewitness, senior Nathaniel Holguin. “The jaws of life were used to extract the driver and he had to be airlifted a few blocks away from the football field.”

Fortunately, both students involved are nearing full recovery. It is important to consider the fact that this accident could have been much worse. This car accident, which occurred in October, totaled a vehicle, injured two people, and serves as a grim warning of the consequences driving erratically. It puts a spotlight on the questionable conduct of teenage motorists. There is definitely something to be learned in light of the incident.

The streets of our city are traversed by thousands of drivers, each with different levels of skill and experience. The best way one can protect his or her safety is to always abide by the law and never put themselves in a situation that they do not know how to handle. Based on the potentially deadly consequences of collisions, driving a car is nothing to be taken lightly. Any immature or ignorant behaviors have little place in the streets and parking lots that surround our campus. At the end of the day, the lives and well being of all students are invaluable. With students who behave more mindfully of their actions, Lancers can be a welcomed, positive presence in our community.