McGregor scores goals, and her students’ papers

Behind the Whiteboard: Megan McGregor


Natalie Vazquez, The Freelancer

Math teacher Megan McGregor helps a student during tutorial. 

Dahlia Celis, Staff Writer

Megan McGregor, full time math wizard and part-time Rubik’s Cube at La Serna High School, was chosen for the December edition of the Freelancer’s Behind the Whiteboard, a new feature highlighting a different teacher each month.

McGregor grew up in Garden Grove and attended Pacifica High School where she was involved in several sports, including softball and soccer (making the varsity soccer team all four years).  She later attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. McGregor is passionate about sports and has ample experience in surfing and snowboarding in addition to soccer and softball.  

What are some of your hobbies?

I like to read, but I like to read novels like Pride and Prejudice. And then I like cooking. [I like] playing with my niece. I have a one year old niece [and] she’s awesome. I find work a hobby. Is that bad? It’s probably bad.

What’s the funniest memory you have as a teacher?

My first year teaching, I didn’t have enough quizzes for my class, so I told half the students to put their head down and just take a nap, while the other half of the class did the quiz. And then the people who were taking a nap for that day had to take it the next day. We’ll just say I learned a lot my first year teaching.

How would you describe yourself in high school?

A popular recluse. I was super popular, everyone knew me, I was friends with everyone, but I wasn’t in the “in” crowd. I was very popular but. . . I was like a nerd and I just didn’t go out with everyone.

What was your high school GPA?

I graduated with a 4.19.

Who is your idol?

I don’t really know if I have an idol. In certain instances I look up to certain teachers. I really appreciate how Mr. Orr talks to his students and really brings in that very mature view of the world. Or Ms. Clarkson who’s always willing to try new things and be very positive for her class. Or Ms.Williams who’s like Wonder Woman. In life, I definitely look up to my sister a lot.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?

I want to get my Master’s in mathematics.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

The original reason why I decided to become a teacher was because I didn’t want to work all my life and I wanted to have two months off. That sounded great to me. I wanted to travel. As I became a teacher I discovered I really enjoyed seeing kids change their mind about math because math was always easy for me, but I knew it wasn’t easy for everyone else. It’s challenging to me and exciting for me to find different ways to teach kids math. Because I want them to be able to problem-solve outside of the classroom. So that’s why I stayed a teacher. . . because I enjoyed that growth from you guys.