Outdoor assemblies bring school spirit


Ashley Lord, The Freelancer

Senior Jake Nye dressed as an elf gets close to the audience during the outdoor winter assembly.

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

Ever since construction in the big gym began, school assemblies have been held outside in the East Quad. They are held during lunch so that students can eat and sit with their friends if they want to watch.

Personally, I think some school assemblies can be a bit of a drag, so having the option to watch is a relief. Holding the assemblies outside does not take away from the fun students have when watching. Cheering, screaming, and clapping can be heard across campus. It is a real joy to hear the school spirit among the spectators. ASB’s effort to entertain students is very noticeable and they’ve been successful at keeping Lancers captivated.

I especially enjoyed Thursday’s winter assembly because of all the extraordinary costumes. It gave sunny California Christmas cheer with the fun decorations and music. However, the heat made the assembly hard to enjoy; it would have obviously been more comfortable inside a spacious, air-conditioned building.

La Serna has done a splendid job in temporarily replacing the normal school assemblies and keeping up the school spirit, but I am looking forward to the reopening of the gym. I’m sure the rest of the student body will also breathe a sigh of relief when we can to show our school spirit whilst sitting comfortably in a well-ventilated room.