La Serna students need to stop littering

Nala Osorio, Staff writer

As a school we are always looking for ways to make La Serna a better learning environment, but are we really improving our natural environment? Everyday we attend class, we are either receiving, or handing in, piles of paper for a grade that is updated electronically. So, my question is, can’t we submit our assignments online as well, in order to save paper? I mean, let’s look past our feeble attempts to submit occasional assignments online; why not all of them?

Many teachers refuse to use Google Classroom because they want their students to physically hand in their assignments, but it just doesn’t make sense. More than half the assignments we receive and complete will either end up being thrown away, ruined, or misplaced.

If we used Google Classroom more frequently, not only would we save paper, but as students we can use these assignments to look back on and study for future reference. Saving our assignments online will immensely reduce the amount of paper that is used in the classroom.

Now, let’s talk about the post-lunch parade of litter we are all familiar with. I thought we attended a school, not a landfill. Everyday after lunch, our hallways are piled with trash, spilled food, and drinks. It makes our school look disastrous and I feel that picking up after yourself once you’re finished eating isn’t an unmanageable task. If everyone at school picked up just one piece of trash after lunch, our floors would be spotless.

When students do throw the trash in the trash can, they aren’t throwing recyclables in the correct bins. Last year we did a trash audit for my AP Environmental Science class and we found that 70% of the “trash” in the red trash cans was recyclable. We asked students why they didn’t throw it away in the correct bins and they claimed walking over to a recycle bin was simply too much work. The fact that people are too apathetic to go dispose of a water bottle properly is quite disappointing.¬†We have adopted a recycling system where students come in and collect plastic bottles and paper which is helpful, but I definitely believe that we need to improve our environmental conservation methods in order to make our school a cleaner, more habitable place.