Inspired students create bands together

Dahlia Celis, Staff Writer

Select students at La Serna High School still manage to make additional time to make music around academics, extracurricular activities, and sports. Bands are constantly forming among the students, creating a diversity of genres.  Jazz combos, psychedelic bands, pop bands, alternative bands, etc.  At La Serna, it’s hard to be dull.  After interviewing Room XVI and The Naacals it is clear that the passion of music is both prevalent and equal among the band members.  This has brought a need to share their stories.  


Room XVI is made up of current La Serna High School students including junior Christopher Anaya on backup vocals and guitar, senior Diego Castillo on guitar, senior Christopher James on lead vocals, sophomore Zach Jenkins on bass, and senior Jake Nye on drums. Originally formed in November of 2014 by James and Nye, the band later grew and eventually performed at Lancerpalooza in 2015.  After asking the band members what genre they associated with, they claimed a form of indie punk, “Pindie,” according to James. Anaya says the band is way that they can make music and share their talents while bonding at the same time.  

The Naacals which consists of senior Matthew Ayers on vocals and bass, senior Brendan Rath on percussion, and 2015 graduate Jon Macias on guitar, formed around the summer of 2015. The Naacals was reinvented from its previous name Desolate Moon which began in December of 2014.  The Naacals have performed in several backyard concerts that have been put on by local residents.  According to Rath, The Naacals have jazz, blues and psychedelic genres within the music.  Being heavily influenced by the counterculture of the 60’s, Ayers explained that they derived the name The Naacals from a possible ancient civilization that claimed to be enlightened and spiritually connected as a community. “When it comes down to it, it’s just a peace and love thing,” Macias said.

Both bands originating in Whittier, CA, are on social media and are always welcome to playing at venues.