Sadie Hawkin’s dance is cancelled

Larissa Rojas, Staff Writer

The Sadie Hawkins dance was cancelled only a few days before its scheduled date of February 20, 2016 due to low ticket sales. The event would have been the first Sadie’s in recent memory to not be hosted at Knott’s Berry Farm. The price of the tickets for this dance was set at $20 without an ABS card and $15 with, significantly cheaper than the $75 ticket cost that hosting the dance at Knott’s has brought in past years.

The dance was going to be held in the small gym and the outside area surrounding it. The dance was going to have a boardwalk/carnival theme with dancing in the small gym and photo-booths, games, and food trucks outside. ASB’s Treasurer, Isabelle Von Lockner, said they voted on the boardwalk theme because they felt it would bring a relaxed atmosphere and would “allow attendees to dress any way they want.”

Many students expressed disapproval with hosting the dance at the school previous to the cancellation. Many felt that the Sadie Hawkin’s dance felt more intimate at Knott’s.  Senior Megan Hernandez said, “I don’t want to pay $20 to get onto campus if I can just go on a date somewhere else.”