Cords cause controversy on campus


Photo courtesy Lucy Adame, The Freelancer

La Serna Class of 2015 graduate Jacqueline Emily Rincon shows off her high school accomplishments in the forms of medals and sashes on her graduation gown.

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

As seniors, myself included, have recently been ordering caps and gowns, it has come to my attention that select students will be wearing cords around their necks along with a cap and gown at graduation. It is a way for seniors to show off their accomplishments over their four years of high school.

The school tightly controls which cords are allowed at graduation. “You can only wear them if the office approved of them,” last year’s graduate Melanie Maldonado said. The limits are unclear and should be outlined for all the seniors.

Some seniors have worked incredibly hard the last four years (myself included) and would like to showcase these accomplishments at graduation. The school’s reasoning would probably be that it is unfair to students without cords and the celebration of some students’ work may make other less active students embarrassed. That may be true… but should we care? If those students wanted to wear a cord to decorate their plain gown, then they should have thought about doing something to get involved. An employer would not force a deserving person to pass on a promotion just because it would make the other employees feel bad. That would be completely unfair.

The hard working Lancers deserve to show off how much of a well-rounded student they are to all the spectators at the graduation. The colorful brilliance of the cords can show off our school’s greatness and would only be a complement to all the hard-working teachers and staff at La Serna who took in kids and released smart, well-rounded adults.

As for those who would deem this privilege unfair, life is full of disappointments. If this is something big to complain about, then it might be best to brace yourself. You probably will be seeing a lot of “unfair” disappointments in your future. But it’s okay. There is still time to put in a little more effort.