Junior lassos his way to first place

La Serna's got talent winner, Xavier Abraham Garcia.

Aidynn Salazar, The Freelancer

La Serna’s got talent winner, Xavier Abraham Garcia.

Aidynn Salazar, Staff Writer

“La Serna’s Got Talent” show has always  been open and welcoming  to diverse performances, including singing, dancing, rapping, yo-yoing, and now lassoing -also known as the “Charro”.

Junior Abraham Xavier Garcia, the winner of “La Serna’s Got Talent” started Folklorico, a Latin American practice including lassoing, a year ago. When Garcia first saw a roping performance it inspired him to pick up the lasso.  Abraham is currently taking a class for all different ages and is preparing to compete at dance competitions in different locations.

“I was surprised that I was nervous, I’ve performed bigger shows than that, the John Anson Ford Amphitheater, the Staples Center, Santa Barbara Bowl, and even in Tennessee,” Garcia said. The audience did not appear to sense the nervousness, as clapping and shouts of encouragement were heard throughout the East Quad. Clearly judges were impressed as well. Garcia won first place in “La Serna’s Got Talent”. “It felt cool being able to win, it was a good feeling,” Garcia said.

Garcia’s performance was very unique and original to the talent contest. Nevertheless, he is a normal junior at La Serna, who hopes to go to an international college after he graduates. “I’m not sure where I want to go but am really interested in joining a program to go to a university in Mexico.” Garcia said.

La Serna congratulates Garcia on his accomplishment and wishes him the best for the future.