Club raises awareness for future voters

Club of the Month: Lancers for Sanders


Bella Gil / The Freelancer

Members of the Lancers for Sanders Club, from left to right: Zenaida Huerta, Aric Martinez, Lindsey Canavan, Elizabeth Israelian, Manny Herrera, Larissa Rojas, Miranda Leibig, and Ryan Serrano

Bella Gil, Staff Writer

All students of La Serna High School believe in something and wish for a bright future, not only for themselves, but for their country as well. Students in the Lancers for Sanders club come together every Monday and discuss the benefits America would undergo with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as the 45th president of the United States.

Club members believe that Sanders, who is a strong supporter of free education, universal healthcare, and a ban on assault weapons, would be an ideal president because he gives opportunities to those who are in need.

Club president Zenaida Huerta said she and the other club members believe the main point of their club is “Not just to isolate the Bernie Sanders supporters, but the exact opposite. It’s to create social engagement.”

The club’s goal is not to bash on other candidates or argue that Bernie Sanders is better than anyone. “Lancers for Sanders’ goal is to increase political awareness on campus. For the club specifically, it prepares students to become voters after they graduate,” Huerta said.

A typical meeting for this club is anything but typical. Political debates, primaries, and caucuses are happening multiple times a week for the candidates which allow topics and discussions at meetings to change quickly. Recent hot topics at meetings include Sanders’ tie with Hillary Clinton at the Iowa Caucus, and his win at the New Hampshire Primary Election.

Occasionally, Lancers for Sanders club members collaborate with Whittier for Bernie, which is a group within the city of Whittier that supports Sanders. Whittier for Bernie hosts debate watch parties and organizes meetings to promote Sanders’ campaign. Lancers for Sanders is La Serna’s version of Whittier for Bernie. Club members occasionally attend events to support and promote the presidential candidate.

The Lancers for Sanders Club invites anyone to visit a meeting in room C102 every Monday. “The club is for anyone who is all around interested and following the 2016 presidential elections, whether they support Sanders or not,” Huerta said.