Kindness abounds on La Serna’s campus

As part of the La Serna Kindness Week tradition, sophomore Owen Sneddon retrieves his heart from the side of the K building.

Ronan Walsh, Staff Writer

Dude, Be Nice! came to an end on Friday, a variation of the annual Kindness Week during which ASB members and students alike spread good-will across the campus. Their gestures of affection ranged from a “kissing” booth, a wish-granting fairygod-president and a hallway plastered with compliments.

On Monday, students flocked to the K building to find their heart. ASB members wrote the name of every La Serna student on a small, colored paper heart. The hearts have evolved into a La Serna tradition and by the end of Wednesday, the posters were nearly bare, having been collected by students.

The next day, students arriving to school through the East Quad entrance were greeted by a walkway covered by kind messages handwritten on posters such as “Olive you so much it hurts” and “You look Gr8 today!” Later that day, various ASB representatives rode around on tricycles, handing out compliments and chocolate.

On Wednesday, a “kissing” booth was set up in front of the stage in the East Quad, complete with a lipstick smooched Jacqueline Meneses giving free Hershey’s Kisses to everyone that walked by.

Thursday, ASB president Jake Nye granted wishes to students across the campus. In Gina Alexander’s Sophomore Honors English class, the tutu-clad president gifted a Starbucks card to a Lancer.

Rounding out the week on Friday, the entire ASB, accompanied by the Lancer mascot,  greeted the students entering through the East Quad entrance with enthusiasm, happy pop music, joyous encouragements, and high fives. At nutrition, Meneses and ASB Vice President Tristin Brown handed out donut holes to top off La Serna’s Kindness Week.