Freshmen show off their talent in the Link Crew Talent Show

Lisa McCollum’s Link Crew students line up in formation to peform during the Link Crew Talent Show.

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

On February 16, the Class of 2019 freshmen performed at the Link Crew Talent Show finals. After five performances from the advisories of Lisa McCollum, Michelle Patino, Nancy Cheung, Christie Hemenway, and Sam Knaak, McCollum’s advisory came away with their second consecutive victory. After a slew of performances that impressed the judging panel, McCollum’s was voted the best among all the finalists.

McCollum’s advisory had freshmen determined to uphold the success McCollum’s Link Crew has seen in recent years. Link Leader Natalie Gonzales believes their advisory had a lot of kids who were more willing to participate. They practiced two to three times a week, beginning in mid-January, utilizing sticks props brought by students.

“We started practicing a little late because it took awhile to get all the components of the skit together,” Gonzalez said.

“I had confidence in them. But I kind of didn’t know if we’d get everything we wanted done in a timely manner,” McCollum’s link leader Malachi Edland said.

McCollum’s advisory won first place out of thirty-three original advisory performances. Judges based their decision on a criteria of creativity, originality, spirit and enthusiasm, attention to details, and overall performance. “We have to rank them in order of preference,” said Kari Ala, a judge at the talent show.

“We like to see as many kids participating as possible,” Ala said. “As long as it’s a new idea. We tend to, over 11 years, see the same thing after a while, so if it’s a new thing that’s what we like,” Ala said.

Another performance that ventured outside the box included Christie Hemenway’s Elder’s Wild Night Out dance performance, where students dressed up as old people and pretended to have a wild night dancing to current music.

“Combining the old people with the current, cool dance moves, and the songs, that’s how we came up with it,” Hemenway said.

Cheung’s performance featured students in a classroom dancing after their teacher had left. Knaak’s class poked their heads through black cloth with puppets attached to give the illusion of dancing puppets. Patino’s class crafted a video about songs in “real life”, despite video submissions historically performing poorly.

Overall, the talent show was a fun experience for freshman and Link Leaders alike, with Link Leaders working hard to organize interesting skits for the talent show. “The Link Leaders did their portion outside of school. It took them three hours at a Panera Bread to film everything,” Patino said, whose Link Leaders and students wrote prompts and picked songs to go along with it in a collaborative effort.