Ochoa looks to further students’ education


Nala Osorio / The Freelancer

Sandra Ochoa in front of her students’ successes.

Nala Osorio, Staff Writer

As most seniors know, their final year can be quite hectic – getting a license, becoming a legal adult, prom, graduation, and of course something the majority has to face: college applications. The application process can be tedious and difficult without the proper guidance from an experienced individual. La Serna conveniently provides Sandra Ochoa in College Corner to help guide seniors in the transition between high school and college.

Ochoa is a graduate from UCLA who is currently receiving her masters in counseling at a local Cal State University in hopes of becoming a counselor. Ochoa offers guidance anywhere from help with college apps and scholarship information to financial aid information and occasionally job applications. She is admired and praised among various seniors for her support and calm, caring demeanor.

Ochoa was inspired to pursue a career in counseling as a result of her lack of support growing up. Her favorite part about the job is when students come in and ask her for help, share their successes about getting accepted to their dream school, or earning a scholarship. She says that it makes her job that much more rewarding to see her students on the path to success as a result of their own hard work.

Ochoa says her college experience was difficult at first because she wasn’t used to a lot of things and being on her own. “It was hard at times to take the initiative to talk to my professors, but I think it really helped me become engaged and outspoken in my classes, but overall I thought it was a great experience, and very fun” says Ochoa. For students needing a little more reassurance, Ochoa advises to, “Just breathe. It will all be worth it, even if you hear or come across negative people along the way, just know if you stay focused it will all work out in the end.”

For anyone feeling lost in the world of college applications and higher education, a trip to Ochoa in the College Corner is sure to calm nerves and clarify the road ahead. One will always be greeted with a patient smile and expert advice.

Update: Ochoa will be furthering her career as a counselor in Boyle Heights where she will be working with college students. She has been gone since Friday March 11.