OASIS and Guided Studies enjoy a hard-earned field trip


Ashley Lord / The Freelancer

Oasis students and mentors maneuver through the ropes course.

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

Guided Studies and OASIS mentors and students went to the Orange County Ropes Course on Thursday, February 25.

“It’s a reward field trip for all the students who came into the OASIS and Guided Studies programs with multiple Fs before. But the purpose is to reward them because they passed all their semester 1 classes, and the second purpose. . . is to give them an experience they wouldn’t normally have had. . . and to thank and express appreciation to the mentors for their hard work,” OASIS leader and English teacher Ken LaVigne said.

According to LaVigne, there were two Guided Studies classes, two sophomore OASIS classes, one junior OASIS class, seniors from the program, and the mentors. 101 students qualified and 13 adults could go on the trip.

Lisa Barnes, intervention specialist at La Serna, discovered the course through her daughter as a place for a team building activity. “Just found it through talking to him, and designing the day and then the taco guy works with though our district too,” Barnes said.

“I was trying really hard to get my student [to] get their grades up, ” senior mentor German Zermeno said. He heavily enjoyed the wall climbing exercise. “The zip line was a lot of fun. The tacos were really good, the taco man is awesome.”

“I was doing so bad last year. . . and I passed all my classes,” freshman Breanna Barragan said about passing her classes to go on the trip. Barragan was excited to go on the trip. “I don’t really get to do a lot of things,” Barragan said. She found jumping off the zip line the scariest part of the course and had to be pushed off the edge. “I should have just jumped. . . one way or another you’re gonna end up just jumping off.”