Animal House Day 1

Competitors clash in opening ceremony

Garrett Silva (Dash’s Dairy) takes the lead in the chariot races.

Dylan Martinez, News Editor

The 2016 Animal House games began on Friday to much anticipation. Over fifteen teams participated in intense matches of chariot races, sumo basketball, and can can, a game of tug-of-war in a circle. Tensions rose with each game as teams vied for the top spot.

“It was lit,” said junior Steven Amaya, member of Dash’s Dairy. “And 100% Cotton is 100% going down.”

Student-favorite chariot races featured six members divided into two racing around the big gym and then alternate people for the second lap. 100% Cotton dominated the races and finished in first, followed by the Latino Bandinos and The Tribe. Shouts between the three teams filled the stands.

Sumo basketball saw inflated students attempting to make the highest number of free-throws in a given time period.

“I tried my hardest, but [was] just out here to have fun,” said sophomore Tommy Cantu, who represented The Tribe in sumo basketball. “I’ve played basketball so it was fitting for me to do it.”

Rounding out the games was Can-Can, wherein students connected in a circle by rubber bands, attempting to get other teams out by making them touch trash cans in the center of the circle.

“It got heated,” said Riley Hernandez, a junior from Cory in the House. “You got these giant guys like [Daniel] Campos, and then small guys, but then the small guys hold their own. I think it was my favorite event though.”

Ultimately, the Latino Bandinos came away with the most Top 3 placements of the night with three, followed by The Tribe with two, and Dash’s Dairy, 100% Cotton, Entourage, Jaime’s Helpers, and LS’s Most Wanted tied for third with one.