School separates awards ceremonies


Ashley Lord, The Freelancer

2016 Principal’s List recipients of all grades with last names A-H sit on the bleachers in the Mel Locke gym.

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

On Thursday, March 3rd, La Serna hosted the Principal’s List and Top 25 awards ceremony in the Mel Locke gym.

After previously handing out all awards in a single event in years past, La Serna split the awards to only Principal’s List and Top 25 on Thursday. “We used to do it together: Principal’s List, Top 25, and all the senior awards at one time and it became a big event because there were so many students,” said Randy Castillo the Assistant Principal of Business and Activities. “This is the first time in ten years that we split it up and it worked out great.”

The idea to split the awards came up when the administration realized the awards were growing beyond capacity and the set up of the ceremony consumed progressively more time and labor. With the remodel of the gym, the ceremony was able to take place inside instead of outdoors in the quad as in years past.

“Last year was outside and this year it went a lot faster,” said senior Valerie Palacios, a recipient of the Top 25 award.

Students lined up alphabetically to receive their certificates and to walk across the stage. Principal’s List recipients for all grade levels were called one at a time, while Top 25 recipients were called by class.

Students were ecstatic to receive the honor. “I found out because my mom told me. She got a letter in the mail,” said junior Sara Murillo. “I felt really good about it because it’s the first time since junior high [that] I’ve gotten an award.” The recipients were recognized for their high-caliber GPAs and academic achievements that placed them at the top of their respective classes. “I worked really hard. . . I put in a lot of hours studying,” Palacios said.