Animal House Day 2

Teams make a splash

Teammates embody the spirit of Animal House in teamwork and competition.

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

The second Animal House event took place on Tuesday and saw swimmers from each team racing in a timed relay. Competitors consisting of two boys and two girls per team lined up on opposite ends of the pool with two team members on each side. Swimmers had to put on a T-shirt and swim on a floating pink raft to the opposite end of the pool, where the next team member then repeated the action and raced back. This continued until all four team members swam across the pool with the shirt and raft. The swim relay consisted of three heats with teams racing to complete the tasks with the fastest time. “[We had to] use our fastest first to get a lead. . . [and] to get the shirt on and off,” said junior Sydney Saucedo, a competitor who swam for Dash’s Dairy.

Entourage dominated the relays and toppled the Latino Bambinos to take first place in the overall tournament with 32 overall points, and the Bambinos sinking to second with 30 overall points. Link At WACC skyrocketed to third place, the only other team aside from Entourage to receive 10 points. Jaime’s Helpers made additional strides and broke into the Top 5 with a strong 8-points gained in the relays and 28 points overall. 100% Cotton, after an impressive showing at the Opening Ceremony, gained only 4 points on Tuesday. Additionally, 6 teams forfeited the event by not entering swimmers.