Animal House Day 3

Lancers toss their way to victory

Aron Inman, Cori ‘n the House, walks away after his teammate crashes into the pole.

Haley Lomas, Editor-in-Chief

Animal House continued on Wednesday, March 9th, and featured the Lancer Toss, a student favorite. LS’s Most Wanted won the event with 10 points, followed by 100% Cotton with 8 points and Do or Dye with 6 points. The Lancer Toss involved six members of each team attempting to jump, or toss, themselves and their teammates over a high bar. Teams collected points for each member they successfully got over the bar, and for how quickly. If a student caused the bar to fall, their team was out – although retained the points they’d won for members already across. The team with the most members successfully gotten over the bar and the fastest time won the competition.

“[The hardest part] was thinking about the technique to get everybody over,” said senior Valerie Palacios, from the Vicious and Delicious team, about the competition.

Only two teams, 100% Cotten and LS’s Most Wanted, got all 6 of their members across, with LS’s Most Wanted winning by one second. With this triumph, LS’s Most Wanted surges into the Top 5 to the #2 ranking. Despite a relatively weak gain of 4 points in the Toss, Entourage remains the top team thanks to consecutive 10-point wins in sumo basketball and the swim relay. 100% Cotton also continues its ascent, jumping into the #3 spot, while both Dash’s Dairy and The Tribe sink to #7 and #8 respectively.

Both Forte and Mayhem failed to enter jumpers for the Lancer Toss and consequently tie for last place with 16 points each. Cori ‘n the House became the first team to be deducted points as the only group without team shirts.