Animal House Day 4

Do or Dye comes out with a win; teams pelted with water balloons

Water sprays over representatives of Do or Dye, Jaime’s Helpers, and Roar Omega Roar.

Ashley Lord, Features Editor

Do or Dye won the Extreme Twister competition on Thursday after three rounds of elimination.

Sophomore Anthony Ruvolo, a member of Do or Dye, played in the round that gave his team the win. “I gotta do this for my team. . . I wanted to show them that I could do it,” said Ruvolo. This was the sixth game and fourth day of the Animal House competition after it began last Friday in the big gym.

The game required one player from each team to play a game of Twister on a large mat. Players were only allowed to touch the mat with their hands or feet and after only five players remained, players could not share the same color circle. A second player from each team stood around the mat and with three small water balloons and one large water balloon, they had to throw them at other teams on the Twister mat. If a player lost contact with any of the colors, the player was out and could not continue to the third round, where eight winning teams from the first two rounds played to determine an overall winner.

Do or Dye rose from #11 to #7 with 10 points, followed by upstart Roar Omega Roar with 8 points. The Top 5 remains in tact, lead by Entourage, who leads #2 LS Most Wanted by 1 point. Formation also makes its first Top 10 appearance at #9, while Cori ‘n the House and Yeti $quad continue to leak points for lack of team shirts.

Forte and Mayhem become the first teams eliminated in Animal House 2016 for not participating in a game since the opening ceremony.