Animal House Day 5

A fight between the most enduring and capable stomachs

A timer allows a Tribe player to move on.

Dylan Martinez, News Editor

The first week of Animal House concluded on Friday with the Food Relay, with Viva La Playa coming in first, Entourage in second, and LS Most Wanted in third.

“Animal House has been great so far and the Food Relay was a must win for my team, so we went out and got it done. ASB has done a fantastic job on the events,” said Viva La Playa member Michael Potter.

A battle royale between the students with only the most tolerant stomachs, the Food Relay has teams line up along a table behind a paper bag filled with mystery items. One team member eats one item, and when they have completely finished eating, the next team member steps up. If a player throws-up their food, or is unable to finish chewing, as they have in years past, the team loses points. Items in play this year ranged from manageable mixes like chocolate-covered corn dogs and pickles in ice cream to foods more prone to come back out in reverse, such as onions, mayonnaise, sardines, and shots of vinegar.

“It was pretty nasty, but I think I finished it faster than everyone else,” said Cody Stewart of Dash’s Dairy, who ate the chocolate-covered corn dog.

The top five teams again prove to be resilient, with Entourage maintaining its spot in first place in addition to putting an extra three points between it and LS Most Wanted, the second place team. 100% Cotton, the Latino Bambinos, and Link At WACC remained in third, fourth, and fifth respectively.

After an impressive win during Thursday’s Extreme Twister, Do or Dye fell behind Friday’s victors to #8, with only a 4-point showing in the Food Relay. Yeti $quad and Cori ‘n the House continued to stall due to the lack of team shirts and were each docked an additional 4 points today, while The Tribe and Straight Outta LS were docked 2 points each.

The games will continue next week on Monday, March 14, and move into the elimination portion of the competition to determine the ultimate winner of the 2016 Animal House games.