Animal House Day 6

Moving on to the finals one chicken at a time

LS Most Wanted comes away with the prize.

Sylvie Oang, Staff Writer

Animal House Day Six brought out the ferocity in all players by pitting teams against one another in a mad dash for a rubber chicken. The chickens were marinated in condiments like mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and ketchup, making it much tougher to catch. This semifinal event determined the top twelve teams and eliminated all others, putting more pressure than usual on the competitors.

The much anticipated event “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” was modified to abide by the new co-ed rules set in place for this year’s competition. Instead of having one player from each team, there were co-ed pairs that had to work together in order to win. The event was divided into four rounds of play. There were an average of four to five pairs in each round, with only three winners per round. Three chickens were launched each round through a slingshot, giving every team three chances to retrieve a chicken and move on to Tuesday’s event. Teams that did not retrieve a chicken were eliminated.

Round one began with #1 ranked Entourage quickly securing their place in the top 12 by catching the first thrown chicken. They were followed by Dash’s Dairy and Viva La Playa, who now have two consecutive victories.

The next round saw speed as The Tribe surged ahead of the other competitors and claimed a spot in the Top 12. Winners from this round also include LS Most Wanted, who was battling for first place last week, and Do or Dye.

Round three started something like a football ball game, as Anthony Garcia from 100% Cotton caught the first rubber chicken thrown as he would a football. In what might have been the most physical altercation in the Animal House competition thus far, Garcia was wrestled to the ground by a player from Straight Out of LS and the two dueled it out. Ultimately, 100% Cotton took the first win of that round. Jaime’s Helpers and Straight out of LS both dove to the grass in order to capture their spot in the Top 12.

Kicking off in the final round were the e-Lemon-ators, who soared up the scoreboard as they caught the first chicken. Link at WACC and Latino Bambinos were the last victors, and rounded up the last of the Top 12 teams that will be competing in Tuesday’s Slippery Slope event.

Teams eliminated were Formation, Ohana, The CanAnthony’s, Vicious and Delicious, Roar Omega Roar, Mighty Nuggets, Cori ‘n the House,and Yeti $quad.

Giressha Sabaratnam from Formation said, “We didn’t get it this year, but I’m gathering an all-star team, so watch out.”

The Top 12 teams moving on into the Slippery Slope bracket system include Entourage, The Tribe, Straight Outta LS, Jaime’s Helpers, Latinos Bambinos, e-LEMON-ators, 100% Cotton, Link at WACC, Dash’s Dairy, Do or Dye, Viva la Playa, and LS Most Wanted.