Animal House Day 7

A Slippery Slope to the Finals

Entourage girls ready themselves in anticiaption of the whistle.

Lucy Adame, Opinion Editor

Animal House Day 7 brought the strength and determination out in all Final 12 teams in a game of “Slippery Soap” to take a spot in the Top 4. Each round consisted of two levels, one for boys and one for girls. 4 teams sent a pair of players at a starting corner of a tarp covered in soap and water. Each team had to run across the mat to the corresponding side and touch their foot on a cone. Then, they ran back to the center to retrieve a black rubber ring and attempt to take it back to their corner. There were three rings and four teams, with the combined times of the girls and boys making out the Top 4.

Round one began with the teams Entourage, The Tribe, Straight Outta LS, and Jamie’s Helpers, all of whom were eliminated this round. Round two saw Link @ WACC, 100% Cotton, e-LEMON-ators, and Latinos Bambinos step onto the tarp. For the girls, 100% Cotton came in first, with the Latinos Bambinos only a few seconds behind, and Link @ WACC coming in seconds behind them. The boys’ turn was much more brutal, with a member from 100% Cotton going out of the “ring” with a bloody knee, and a member from Latino Bambinos with an elbow injury. 100% Cotton crushed the round, coming in at first, with Link @ WACC close behind them, and Latinos Bambinos coming in third.

The final round teams were LS Most Wanted, Dash’s Dairy, Do or Dye, and Via La Playa. The girls of Dash’s Dairy dominated the round with what was said to be the quickest time of the day. They were followed by Viva La Playa and Do or Dye. The boys round featured Do or Dye team member Anthony Ruvolo diving and swiftly getting a black ring to his side and getting his team in first place. They were followed by Viva La Playa and Dash’s Dairy.

In an upset, Entourage, The Tribe, Straight Outta LS, Jamie’s Helpers, Latinos Bambinos, e-LEMON-ators, and Link at WACC were eliminated. Entourage has ranked #1 since the second game of the competition.

The top four teams moving to the finals are Viva La Playa, Dash’s Dairy, Do or Dye, and 100% Cotton in a bracket system. Viva La Plays will face 100% Cotton, and Dash’s Diary will face Do or Dye.

Anthony Ruvolo from Do or Dye said, “Our team is a little behind, but we did pretty good together. I think we have a great chance of making it to the finals.”

UPDATE: According to an ASB statement, due to confusion regarding scoring for this game, all twelve teams will move on to the final game of Nacho Cheese Dodge ball on Thursday.