Animal House Day 8

The Tribe dodges the cheese and goes for the gold

Animal House’s 2016 winner, The Tribe, celebrating.

Nala Osorio, Staff Writer

La Serna students concluded their final day of school before spring break with the tense Animal House finale. The sophomore team The Tribe claimed the title of the 2016 Animal House champions. Viva La Playa placed second, 100% Cotton in third, and Link at WACC in fourth.

“If you aren’t first, you’re last. Once we had a second life, after yesterday’s unfair elimination, we knew we had it in the bag,” sophomore Evan Sipple said. Sipple kept The Tribe alive in the final three with his Matrix-like dodges, dips, and ducks, to advance to the finals and later win the championship.

The finale consisted of the nacho cheese dodge ball event in which each of the twelve teams selected a boy and a girl to play dodge ball in a slippery pool of nacho cheese. The two remaining teams advanced to the final round of six team members from each team, in a much smaller area.

Despite a slow beginning, the game was fast-paced and exciting. A number of spectators got to participate due to dodged balls flying into the crowd. Most teams remained in the game for a longer than anticipated amount of time, prompting ASB adviser Ms. Henley to improvise with new rules as the game progressed in order to expedite crowning a winner.

Various teams were eliminated for stepping over the line, being out of bounds, and for holding the ball longer than five seconds – one of the rules that was added spontaneously. The spur of the moment adding of rules irked several teams, such as Link at WACC, who was eliminated when senior Justin Salamone held the ball for more than five seconds.

“It was really fun. Things didn’t go our way, but it’s okay you can’t always win everything,” Salamone said. Other team members believed it was unfair and shouted comments of disapproval, leading to several spectators being removed from the crowd.

“It was awesome to see how many people participated in Animal House this year by joining a team or watching the events. There were a lot of teams that didn’t make it to the final day but still came out to watch so I think Animal House this year had a really great turn out,” ASB adviser and Animal House coordinator Shana Henley said.

Ultimately, the 2016 Animal House games broke new ground with an extra week of game play and the addition of co-ed teams. The Tribe, as a predominantly sophomore team, breaks a streak of senior-team Animal House wins and leaves the door open for further wins in 2017.