Joe Vinatieri talks with seniors

Natalie Vasquez, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 6th, Joe Vinatieri, who is currently a member of the Whittier City Council and running for Mayor, came to speak to La Serna seniors. The meeting took place in the small gym during both halves of lunch with a large crowd present. Vinatieri was very willing to answer as many questions as he could and appreciated the amount of people that showed up. This was all possible because of a senior project.

While Vinatieri was here, he touched bases on many topics about Whittier. He talked about how large pipes of water are stored under our streets and a large amount gets sent to other cities. Another topic that was brought up was crime. Vinatieri shared that crime rate has risen 12% since 2014. “This is because of overpopulated prisons”, Vinatieri said. Criminals with a sentence that is almost up are being released back on the streets because more criminals are coming in, Vinatieri said about why crime rates have risen. Once Vinatieri was done, he insisted that the few remaining students that stayed till the very end deserved extra credit. He then said that those students are the ones that care, the ones that want to see a change for the better in the city government.

Senior Michael Medina developed his idea for his senior project while sitting in his Government class. When the teacher asked a question, it was brought to his attention that teenagers do not know much about the government system. This sparked the idea that he, himself, needed to go out to learn about government and help other people get educated in government.

For Micheal’s senior project final product, he had his mentor, Joe Vinatieri, come to campus to speak with the seniors about the city council and ways they could get involved in the community. The purpose for this meeting he said, “Was to start a dialogue between an elected official and seniors who would be voting in the coming years.” The meeting proved to be a success because many students walked out that day with a new knowledge on what they will be voting for in June or in November.