La Serna greets the ASB cabinet winners for the upcoming year


Ashley Lord, The Freelancer

ASB winners for next year’s ASB office from left to right: Ariana De La Fuente (President), Skyler Helms (Secretary), Gireesha Sabaratnam (Speaker of the Senate), Dylan Martinez (Treasurer). Safia Hassan (Vice President) not pictured.

The La Serna Freelancer would like to welcome our 2016-17 ASB cabinet! After voting on Friday, April 8, the five positions were announced.


Ariana De La Fuente, junior, is our new 2016-17 ASB President. As President, she hopes to be able to follow through with all of ASB’s ideas to show appreciation to not only faculty members, but sports and special needs on campus.

“I am really excited and happy,” De La Fuente said. “I am ready to work really hard this year, toward a great year!”

Since freshman year, she has been involved in ASB, and has made her mark on the school.

“I want to make [high school] a better experience for people, so, I realized, I am going to be a senior, and I think I am ready to take on the position.”

Vice President

Safia Hassan, junior, is La Serna High school’s new ASB Vice President. She’s ready to tackle the challenges of the next school year with a positive attitude and a unique approach to her vice president responsibilities.

“I am excited to have a more executive position. I’ll have more of a voice and input,” Hassan said.

This year was Hassan’s first year in ASB and served as a student recognition coordinator. With her new cabinet position, the soon-to-be senior hopes to provide support for ideas and turn them into actions. According to Hassan, starting next year, the Vice President will now be delegated the role of connecting La Serna High School with the surrounding Whittier community. This includes blood drives and local events.

Speaker of the Senate

Gireesha Sabaratnam, junior, is La Serna’s new Speaker of the Senate. As Speaker, she will preside over the Student Senate meetings, helping students voice their suggestions and shape school culture into the best that it can be.

“I feel great,” Sabaratnam said. “I’ve worked pretty hard to do this, so I’m happy about the outcome.”

Sabaratnam has definitely exemplified passion for her school. She has been in La Serna’s Class Council since freshman year, and held officer positions such as the Junior Class’s Secretary. Now that she is Speaker of the Senate, she does not waver in her goal of infusing optimism and energy into school life.

“Hopefully, I will bring a positive attitude and bring out my leadership qualities. I also want to make the announcements something that people would listen to, not just ignore.”


ASB member Skyler Helms, junior, was elected as ASB’s Secretary. Having been a member of class council for two years and ASB for one, Helms has three years of experience in student government under her belt. Running for secretary was a way to put her experience to the test and create a challenge for herself. Helms hopes to bring about new changes next year.

“I want to help more students get involved by making events that all students will enjoy and I really want to have this school more involved in the community, like school wide charity projects,” Helms said.


Junior Dylan Martinez, the elected treasurer, is new to ASB, having had no prior experience in this branch of student government.

“I wanted to be involved in school,” Martinez said about his reason for running, “and I think it’s important for every student to contribute to school in some way.”

As a ASB newcomer, Martinez was shocked he was chosen as the new treasurer.

“It was a surprise definitely, but I think I’m the best person for the job, and I think that I will do very well in that position.” Martinez said.

His goals for the next school year include such as more profitable fundraisers, including the Halloween Harvest Festival he plans on hosting next October on the big field.