Ogle app causes controversy on campus


Ronan Walsh, The Freelancer

This poster was hung by the La Serna asb on Friday morning. Students who signed the poster pledged to stop posting negative content to Ogle.

Ronan Walsh, Staff Writer

The invitation sounded harmless enough.

“Stay looped into your Campus with Ogle.”

Ogle started like most viral trends do. For a while it flew under the radar and was not recognized by name. Seemingly overnight, the app spread like wildfire and thousands of people become obsessed with it. Within a few days, Ogle became one of the most-used apps on the La Serna High School campus. At that point, Ogle started to be used for actions much more destructive than for what it was intended.

Comments quickly shifted from positive to overwhelmingly negative. People began posting hateful comments and leaking nude photos of classmates, all under the veil of anonymity. These deplorable events prompted La Serna administration to take action. La Serna is not the only campus that was ravaged by Ogle. In Anaheim, two teenagers were arrested for violent gun threats against their school. Multiple schools have had their proms cancelled.

On April 13th, La Serna issued a Teleparent call and sent an email to all parents of current students. An additional email was sent to the Ogle administration concerning the way their app was being used.

“Ogle stated that they are continuing to address complaints and promote their App as a positive forum,” said La Serna Dean of Students Nicholas Genisauski. “We have yet to see any real changes being made.”

For a while, this seemed like a serious issue that would not go away.

But it did.

On the following Monday, it seemed that a majority of students stopped using Ogle. Like most viral trends, Ogle faded into obscurity as fast as it had surged to popularity. Nonetheless the psychological damage was done, and the students who were criticized or exploited will have difficulty recovering from its effects. But they should know they don’t have to face this alone.

“We will, at some point, move away from this,” Genisauski asserted.  “All of us deal with challenges differently, but if you feel that someone you know is taking this negativity especially hard, please encourage them to seek the assistance of an adult or counselor as soon as possible.”