Students argue their views

Club of the Month: Speech and Debate


Haley Lomas, The Freelancer

Speech and Debate Club president Christen Tai leads a discussion.

Haley Lomas, Editor-in-Chief

For students who are passionate about a topic, or like to debate with their peers over certain issues, the Speech and Debate club at La Serna is the perfect fit.

The Speech and Debate club is, as the name suggests, a club split between speeches and debates. Speeches are where students can write and perform talks about topics they are passionate about. Speeches can range from humorous to serious. Debates allow students to argue with another student about a topic. This requires a student to pick a side on a topic and prepare arguments for it.

According to club treasurer David Roman, a typical club meeting consists of students “practicing [their] own designated speech that [they] chose, or practicing impromptu… which is a hands-on speech about a topic [the club members] don’t know about.”

The Speech and Debate club is run by club president Christen Tai. “This club is important because it prepares [students]for the real world,” Tai said about why students should join the club. Roman agrees. “In the real world you have to speak to others and you have to try to persuade them,” he said.

Roman added that this club helps to create “effective communicators, which is important as communication is key to teamwork [and] individual achievement.”

Speech and Debate not only functions as a platform for students to express their opinions, but also as a way for students to practice speaking in front of their peers. Club member Eva Kopt said she joined the club in order to practice speaking in front of others.

The Speech and Debate club meets Tuesdays during the second-half of lunch in A200.