News in Brief: Officials reviewing security footage in effort to nab locker thieves

Lucy Adame, Opinion Editor

Many students returned to school Tuesday after a long weekend to discover their lockers had been vandalized. Numerous lockers were broken into in front of the band room and in the hallway next to the L building. The administration has yet to confirm the culprits’ identities.

Items found exposed in a vandalized locker were placed in a trash bag and labeled with the locker number. Any items found outside of the lockers were swept up and thrown away, or put in a miscellaneous bag. An announcement was made in the morning directing students to collect items in the small gym.

According to Assistant Principal Randy Castillo, the school is doing everything they can to ensure that students receive their items damage free, such as textbooks. Any person whose locker was broken into was given a free lock. Camera footage is also being reviewed.