Closing assembly hailed as “creative,” “magical”

La Serna’s trip to Hogwarts was a hit with students


Ryan Smith, The Freelancer

La Serna’s closing assembly for 2016 was Harry Potter-themed.

Ryan Smith, Staff Writer

La Serna’s Harry Potter closing assembly has been called “hilarious,” “creative,” and even “magical.”

Part of this magic can most obviously be attributed to the theme. All students enrolled in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the day of author J.K. Rowling’s lauded Harry Potter series, with their factions pitted against each other in a Quidditch quest for the Golden Snitch – and ultimately the Spirit Cup. The four grade levels were designated one of the four houses from the books: freshmen Hufflepuff, sophomores Ravenclaw, juniors Slytherin, and seniors Gryffindor, with the latter two teams winning one game each. The show opened with a reenactment of the 2007 viral YouTube video Harry Potter Puppet Pals.

“It was magical. To end my junior year with that was great, especially since Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood. The scenes were hilarious and I love how they opened with the Potter Puppet Pals song,” junior Cassidy Milonzi said.

Sophomore Vanessa Wang said, “Even though I don’t watch Harry Potter, I thought that the assembly was really cool! It was really creative and I think it was the best assembly that ASB has put together.”

The timing of this assembly added to the magic as well.

It was the last assembly of the school year, a punctuation on the success of the Lancer family in the school year of 2015-2016. There was the celebration of the spring sports, a lasso performance by 2016 La Serna’s Got Talent winner Abraham Garcia, an appearance by the 2016 Dynamic Duo Malachi Edland and Amanda Holtom, and a video by ASB recapping the year. It evoked memories of students’ progression, from the Stag Dance to the Winter Assembly to Animal House.

“It makes me even sadder that I am leaving La Serna,” said senior Victoria Santana. “I look back and I think of how fun it has been these past four years. I don’t want to leave La Serna yet.”

The assembly was also timely in that it was the first assembly in the large gym following its revamping this year. Some students were ready to bid farewell to outdoor assemblies and welcomed the gym back as the epicenter of school culture.

“I like indoors assemblies better than outdoor assemblies. There’s more interaction,” said junior Cristian Roman. He thought that outdoor assemblies were easier to ignore, so he enjoyed this Harry Potter assembly.

“The fact that the assembly was in the gym made it more comfortable,” said freshman Annisa Smith. “It was definitely more comfortable than sitting outside, because it can be really hot outside or really cold.”

A large part of the magic came with “La Serna’s favorite Muggle,” 2016 Kids for Wish Kid Daniel. La Serna High School, with large thanks to the Kids for Wish Kids club on campus, managed to raise enough money to grant the East Whittier Middle School student’s first wish, a trip to Hawaii. The club will continue collecting money to make more of Daniel’s wish a reality, but for now, Daniel’s father expressed gratitude on behalf of the family.

“[Kids for Wish] have done beautiful things for my family. I want to thank every single one of them. My Danny here, we went through a bumpy ride with him. He was in the hospital for almost a year with his treatment. Thank God everybody’s good now. I just want to say thanks. Thank you all,” he said.

La Serna’s trip to Hogwarts seemed to students like a spectacular way to end the school year. The school effectively immersed itself in another world and made a difference in a Lancer’s life along the way. Now that is a magical note to end on.