Learn something beyond your four years of high school

Seniors Say Sayonara

Nala Osorio, Staff Writer

This column is the fourth piece in a series of farewells from The Freelancer’s senior staff members.

As senior year comes to an end I feel that I have learned a lot of interesting information and will be graduating with a few accomplishments, but I feel that I haven’t really achieved anything spiritually, intellectually, or philosophically. During my four years at La Serna, I was taught to get good grades and participate in school activities, but they never tell you to enjoy the moment or learn anything fascinating beyond the curriculum. There is a lack of creation and imagination in our curriculum, and unfortunately I learned this two weeks before graduation. Now, I feel that it is important to come out of high school with knowledge of the real word and the only way to obtain that knowledge is to look for it yourself. High school taught me that just because you graduate with awards and recognitions, or a 4.0 GPA, it doesn’t guarantee you a positively intellectual future or make you any more prepared for the real world than a person who graduates with a 3.3 GPA.

I feel that nowadays the true accomplishments are intellectual, because in a world of competition, like- mindedness, and blind-sighted goals, creation and hard work are needed to create something special and unique. I’ve learned to not be satisfied with only the information the teachers provide me with, but rather wander into different subjects, learn and master the information, and utilize it in life.

I believe that life is all about learning and growing from mistakes, and believe me, I’ve made a lot of them, but if you think your worst mistake is getting an F on a test, then you are not achieving anything spiritually. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you failed, take it is an opportunity to better yourself. The point of this piece is to tell you that you are worth more as a person than your GPA in high school.

As you continue your quest through high school, pursue everything you have ever desired despite the obstacles that lay in front of you. If you want to be a doctor but you have a low GPA, don’t let it stop you. Instead, work harder so that when you achieve your goal it’s just a little more worth it because you have challenged yourself. Live your four years of high school and life to the fullest and cherish every moment.