Amy hates cancer

Amelia Esparza, Staff Writer

October is supposed to be a cancer awareness month. Every year, more and more people seem to forget that. It’s not just a breast cancer month, but that is what it has turned out to be.

I am not saying that I don’t support breast cancer awareness. I do- I support it whole-heartedly- but what I don’t like is the fact that it has overshadowed every other cancer awareness organization. All you see are people wearing pink for breast cancer all month long. La Serna even has a whole football game for breast cancer awareness. What about leukemia, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, heart cancer, and other cancers? I believe that acknowledging only one type of cancer is insensitive to all the students that have had other types of cancers in their family. Even though breast cancer is common, that doesn’t mean that we can just ignore all the other cancers in the world.

Since I feel so strongly about this, I have decided to look into how breast cancer awareness got so big. If you Google “cancer awareness month”, you will find that October is the breast cancer awareness month. This means that there isn’t even a whole month dedicated to solely cancer awareness anymore. October has turned into a month only for breast cancer awareness and all the other cancer organizations just have to sneak stuff into it- which, in my opinion, is pretty messed up. Not many students know that there are assigned colors for every cancer, and that it is not all about pink for breast cancer awareness. Students are not being told during morning announcements in second period, “Wear orchid for testicular cancer! Gold for childhood cancer! Teal for ovarian cancer!”

When I see people wearing only breast cancer shirts, it makes me sad because my grandfather has stage four testicular cancer. I can go on and on about how it’s a shame that society doesn’t openly support all types of cancers, but I think it’s about time that we start to do so, especially since we are part of the generation that is supposed to change society’s rules. I’m not saying that we should stop supporting breast cancer awareness altogether and rally in support of just one other cancer. We should support all of them equally, especially during the month of October, like it was meant to be.