La Serna football star hopes for another CIF win


Dhangur Singh, The Freelancer

Varsity football star Matthew Marshall holds the record for the most touchdowns in a regular season game.

Kevin Vazquez and Dhangur Singh

During the game against Cal High, Marshall kneels for an injured player.
Lucy Adame, The Freelancer
During the game against Cal High, Marshall kneels for an injured player.

Varsity football player, Matthew James Marshall, talks with the La Serna Freelancer about his experiences on the field. He elaborates upon some of the most memorable moments throughout his career and shares his plans for the future.

What is your name and what grade are you in?

“My name is Matthew James Marshall and I am a senior.”

How long have you been playing football?

“I been playing football since sixth grade.”

What position do you play?

“I play running back and safety.”

What are your plans for your future in football and school? Do you plan to purse football after high school?

“My plan for football is to try to finish the season with a CIF championship. I plan to go to a four-year university. I really want to go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and I plan to play football there.”

Who do you look up to as inspiration and motivation?

“One of my coaches, whose name is Coach Rudy. He actually played here for one year and played somewhere else for three years. He is just all around a great guy and a great athlete.”

 Do you perform any specific pregame rituals or practices?

“I always put my left cleat on first then my right cleat second. Then I lace my left cleat, lace my right cleat and I always say a prayer before a game.”

Describe your typical training session each week?

“First of all, we have to be here at school at 6:30 every day everyday except Thursdays and Fridays for lifting, and then we go through school. Then our practice starts at 2:30, we do conditioning and then we have about an hour of break. Then we start practice, we stretch and do our individuals for offense. After that, we go to the team and do our passing. Then we have a water break in the middle. Then we do the same thing for defense and stretch at the end again.”

What is your role within your team?

“I am one of the captains so my role pretty much to be a leader. Me and the other four captains try to lead the team to the game, and I just try my best to help the team win. It’s more like a family. There is no player that’s better than the other.”

What are one of your best and worst moments in your years of playing football?

“One of my best moments would have to be this year playing Cal High, scoring six touchdowns against them. Definitely one of my worst moments was losing to La Mirada High School last year.”

Do you have any specific achievements that you are proud of? 

“I hold the school record for most touchdowns in a regular season game.”

Have you had any injuries or accidents that could have threatened your career in football?

“I had a concussion last year and I messed up my knee pretty bad this year. Thankfully, I recovered from both injuries.”

What would be your ultimate achievement?

“It would be winning another CIF championship.”

Is there anything  you alter in your diet?

“I never drink soda from the week leading up to the game. The only days I drink soda are Saturday and Sunday.”

What will be the best advice to give to somebody?

“Keep working hard, always want it more than the next guy, and practice more than the next guy.”