Quidditch Club is always ready to win

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Amelia Esparza, The Freelancer

Quidditch Club Vice President Karissa Tarin, and Secretary Katherine Castro, and President Juliette Gonzalez lead one of La Serna’s most successful campus clubs.

Amelia Esparza, Staff Writer

La Serna’s Quidditch Club is a club that most people, when they hear about it, don’t take very seriously. But the people that are part of it take it very seriously. Members of the Quidditch Club treat Quidditch as if it were a real sport. They practice every Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at a nearby park.

Quidditch Club president Juliette Gonzales and Vice President Karissa Tarin each train one of the two main positions of the game. The two main positions are the beater and the chaser. Gonzalez trains the beaters. In this position, one would have a dodge ball, or a “bludger”, and throw it at the opposite team’s players. There are two beaters per team and three bludgers on the court. Tarin trains the chasers. In this position, one would have a volleyball, or a “quaffle”, and throw it through one of three hoops to make a goal. There are three to four chasers per team and only one quaffle on the court.

The game is set up and played just like it is in the Harry Potter movies, minus the flying. There are six hoops on the field, three on each side of the court, the players must run around with a broom between their legs at all times. If the broom is not between their legs, then they must go back to their hoops and touch them in order to be in play again.

Now even though there are no other high school teams in the state with whom they can compete, there are quite a few college teams that they do play. College teams play by slightly different rules, though. College teams can tackle, but since La Serna’s consists of high school kids, they are not allowed to tackle. This is why the Quidditch Club trains weekly, to play the college teams, which are stronger, bigger, and faster than they are. The club is currently training to play in a tournament in January. They plan on playing against UC San Diego and UC Irvine. La Serna looks like the favorite to win, especially since they beat UC Irvine’s team the last time they played.

This year there are many new players and when they were asked about how they feel about the tournament, quite a few of them said that they were very excited, but still scared to play the college teams.

“The freshman are great, the seniors are great, the juniors are great,” Gonzalez said. “I think that it’s good for the future of the club too, because we have a lot of freshman that have joined.”

One of those freshmen is Nalani Gamez. “Yeah it’s really fun. The people here are really nice,” Gamez said.