The Phoenix and the Dragon: Part 2

Jane Wantland, Features Editor

Chapter 2

The dragon had left her. Amber was left trembling. A phoenix who adored the skies, all it could bring even when it was too hot to fly or when it stormed and showed no mercy towards the best of them, now lay in pain on the hard stone cliff. She could only beg the skies above for mercy. Every thunderclap and lightning strike cracking above her head scared her- at this height Amber could easily be roasted and without the strength to do so, there would be no resurrection.

When the frigid rain starts the fall furiously over the gloomy mountain range, only then does Amber let her own tears leak from her eyes. Weak whimpers escaping as the exposed flesh of her wounds arose in goosebumps. Dried blood caked onto her figure like frosting, washed away as the rain drenched the poor creature. Amber would call for someone, but she had ventured too far for her comrades to hear her cries. Amber continued to weep, the feeling of the fire within slowly dwindling away.

In an attempt to shelter herself more Amber lifted her uninjured wing and covered her head and body as much as possible. She didn’t want to die, her attempt at encompassing her entire being under one wing was all she could muster. Amber prays to the gods above that she would be fortunate to survive this storm, tough it out to the end.

Instead, what Amber received was a lightning strike right above her head. CLAP! Striking the edges of the cliff that held the front gates to a dark, foreboding end. This sudden shock makes the Phoenix’s heart  race. Amber got to her feet, stumbling and falling hastily back to the icy, wet rock beneath her in the attempt to escape the following strikes to be expected. She had no idea where to go, even less with her unclear vision. Amber just knew she absolutely had to get a move on. Lose gravel and rock bit sharply at the open wounds, disturbing the fracture beneath feather and flesh. Amber  whimpered in pain, swaying along to the song of death closing in on her soul.

 Another bolt cracked above Amber’s head. CLAP! Only this time it struck her mangled, bloody wing dead on. With this sudden shock, a blood curdling shriek of utter torment resounded all throughout the cliffs from Amber, toppling over back against the cliff. Dragging her beak against the rough, rigid ground Amber doesn’t give up just yet. Using her remaining strength She gets her right wing out in front of  her and drags herself across the open space between her and a rock wall. She thought the wall would ward of some of the oncoming lightning strikes and thunder claps, oh was she mistaken.

With another thunder clap, so strong that the force of it shock the whole cliff. A shower of Lightning bolts made their mark, creating cracks and causing some of  the cliff edge to fall  into the depths of the roaring sea. Amber shut her her golden eyes as tight as she could trembling in fear, the last of her tears cascading down her cheeks as she awaited the final bolt that would greet her with her demise.

That bolt never came. The glow of the bolt showers outlined the silhouette of a much larger figure. Amber peered out of one eye and assumed it to be the dragon she had met earlier.

The dragon, Sebastian, shot balls of red, hot flame into the stormy sky. Fending off more attempted lightning strikes. Straying bolts headed directly to the Phoenix were absorbed into his tough, scaled body. Amber barely mumbled out her gratitude for her savior before she fell unconscious.

To be continued in Chapter 3……