Rain rain go away

No we’re kidding, stay

Students try to stay dry during recent storms.

Lucy Adame, Editor-in-Chief

The weather reports warned of a storm to hit Southern California, but La Serna did not expect it to pour.

Students and faculty were shocked at the amount of rain and flooding that occurred in the last three weeks of January. This rain caused not only book and property damage to students, but also rose concern over the school’s infrastructure as some buildings were leaking.

Students had no problem getting their phones wet to Snapchat all the flooding around La Serna, including the whirlpool that formed next to Araceli Ross’s room, the 2  1/2-inch deep pond that formed in front of the girl’s bathroom in the C building and stretched almost all the way to the library, the leaky roof in the school’s new gym, and the walk up hill that turned into a make shift slip and slide were just a few things that was the talk of La Serna.

With SoCal rain comes SoCal complaining. Students had mixed feelings, but many loved the rain. “I felt like the rain was a good change in weather. It was nice to see all the grass in the area turn green again,” said senior Daniel Dickens. Serena Chacon, a junior, agreed to disagree by saying, “I don’t mind the rain, but I have always hated going to school in it.”

Other students did not enjoy the rain as much. “It gave me some problems, like soaking my shoes repeatedly,” said junior, Nico Van Suchtelen. “[It is] just miserable” said junior Eryn Burton.

Weather reports say another storm is due soon. Is La Serna ready to take on another one?