Bags causing problems at school


Evan Moreno, The Freelancer

Students complain that their backs and backpacks are too heavy to carry.

Evan Moreno, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that high school can give out plenty of work, both for school and at home. Everyone needs to carry around their textbooks because of it. But are these very textbooks causing problems for the students at La Serna?

Students all over campus have come to hate having to carry their textbooks in their bags day in and day out. The hassle of carrying their textbooks with them every day is just too much for some. While most don’t want to say much, there’s no doubt that it can be annoying to need to carry around the same books every day to and from school. The obvious solution to this would be the lockers on campus, but most students don’t even end up using their own lockers. Most of this is due to the fact that it’s more trouble to put the books away if they’re just going to end up taking it back out for class and to take them back home.

Not only that, the students that don’t use their lockers, or just don’t have one, end up having to carry around the raw weight of their books all day. This in itself can cause a huge strain on students’ backs and shoulders with how heavy these books can be in their bags. Junior Matt Rahea said, “My backpack is too heavy, I only wish I didn’t have to carry my textbooks around all the time.” The main problem with having to carry around textbooks all the time is that some teachers even penalize their students for not having them in class. This only adds to the hassle of having to carry books all the time, all while most can’t do anything about it.

Some students however, simply just don’t deal with that hassle. Even when teachers do have consequences for not bringing in books, some would rather deal with those consequences rather than lug the weight of their books around all day, every day. One student in particular, junior Lucio Gonzales, has a bag that is noticeably very light, in part because he says, “I’d rather not carry my heavy books around all day, even if I do get called out by the teacher.” Gonzales is not alone in this action. Many students have the same thought process, all because the amount they have to carry ends up being too heavy for them. Should students really have to be resorting to this “solution” though? Or should teachers, and the school as a whole, make it easier for students to avoid this kind of problem?

In the end though, unless something is changed to make this problem a non-issue for the everyone, just be wary of what you carry.