Weird words at La Serna

The Freelancer Staff

This is an on going list of weird and or funny things members of The Freelancer staff have overheard in the hallways and classrooms of La Serna. Have something to add? Tweet us!

  • Describing glasses: “You look like a knock-off Hitler!”- outside k107, April 24, 2017
  • While discussing emus: “They’re like hardcore ostriches.”-Gabriel Sobolew.
  • While watching the Animal House hamster ball games: ¨I smell a concussion.”- on the field, March 15, 2017
  • “Do you think if I ran into that door hard enough I would pass out and not have to take the test?” – Upstairs O building, February 10, 2017
  • “How do you keep a weirdo in suspense?” “How?” *walks away smiling* – Mr. Hemingway, Mara Vandusseldorp before school, February 2017
  • “Her hair looks like a croissant. I wanna smash it.” – Band Room, December 2016
  • “I love my cat, but yesterday I wanted to hit it with the waffle iron” – Senior Circle, March 2016
  • “Carl Azuz is love. Carl Azuz is life.” – Mrs. Sanchez’s 5th period, February 16, 2016