Animal House Opening 2016-2017

Lucy Adame, Editor in Chief

It’s that time of the year again, where students grab their t shirts, form teams, and do outrageous challenges until one team becomes victorious.

On March 10th, 2017, in our big gym, Animal House kicked off with few fan-favorite games: Kajabi Can-Can, the food relay, and a relay race through an inflatable obstacle course.

Game 1: Kajabi Can-Can (circle tug of war)

7 players formed a circle, were joined by cloth, and were placed around trash cans. If a member let go, or hit a trash can, they were out. Once the whistle sounded, the players  started pulling each other, trying to get the other to lose. This proved to be difficult on both the boys and girls. Clothes were breaking, people were jumping, others were sliding, and everyone else was yelling ” WIN WIN WIN!”

Game 2: Nasty Food Relay

8 members from each team (4 boys, 4 girls) stood in a line, waiting to eat a nasty food. They could choose from these items:

  1. Tapioca with horseradish and sauerkraut
  2. A single beet
  3. Peanut butter and saltine crackers
  4. Blended hog dog with mustard and relish
  5. A Rice Krispy Treat with marmite, a yeast paste
  6. Soda and vinegar
  7. A Doughnut covered in mayo
  8. Pickles and prune baby food sandwich

The only way a player could get out was if they threw up. Placing was determined by time it took to eat all of the above items.

Game 3: Obstacle Course

4 players from each team face off another team in a race for the best time. Their task was to run through a jumper relay, climb a wall, and slide down a slide, then run to the beginning and tag their next team member.