What are today’s sophomores into?

Students chose diverse topics for this year’s sophomore research project.

Jane Wantland, Features Editor

At this point in the school year, many sophomores are getting ready to present their interesting topics of choice to their classes, as their sophomore project. The sophomore project is a research project that allows students to choose any topic within a certain category such as education, science, or military. Some English teachers have chosen for their students a new innovation, while others went with an issue in today’s society. They have conducted lots of research on respective topics they deem the most captivating. What makes these specific topics so intriguing?

Kyle Chen decided to research the OCS system. “The Organ Care System was made by a company called TransMedics Inc.,” said Chen. ¬†Chen was interested in this system because, “the life of an organ can just be prolonged using this system. I think that’s pretty crazy.”

Mara Vandusseldorp went with Crunchyroll. Vandusseldorp said, “I chose the streaming online video site, Crunchyroll because it’s something that no one has ever done before and I really like Anime.” This website streams Anime videos.

Arianna Barraza looked into the famous artist Mary Cassette. Barraza explained why she went with the artist: “I love the way she works on her paintings and all.”

Dominik Ambroso dug deeper into the technology addiction¬†in today’s society. Ambroso explained what he was focusing on primarily with his topic choice, “I looked into how it can affect people and how to prevent it or how it can be stopped.” Ambroso chose this subject because, “there are so many people in the world who abuse technology and sometimes we really don’t ever realize how much we use it. It takes up most of our days and we don’t even notice it.”

These are only just a few of the wide variety of sophomore students at La Serna and clearly, the class of 2019 can get very interesting.