Hip-Hop club inspiring students towards self-expression

Club of the Month


Dhangur Singh, The Freelancer

The Hip Hop Club strikes a pose.

Kevin Vazquez, Sports editor

Are you a student who has a passion for dancing or just want to learn how to dance? Then you must join the Hip-Hop Club to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Hip Hop Club was founded with the same principle that stands today: the hope that students have a way to express their emotions and feelings in the form of dance. Venus Fields, the original founder, wanted to purse Hip Hop dance as an art form. She wanted to make sure that students could have an artistic outlet during school in addition to their academic pursuits.

Hip Hop Club is a club where people from different backgrounds and cultures can join to unify as one. This club allows people to express themselves by dancing and being part of a unique family. “We are always trying to portray something and we want to show unity, ” said Andrea Medina, the club’s president. The students involved in the club are passionate about dancing.

The main achievement of this club is to have fun and to meet new people. “Everyone has fun even if you don’t know how to dance,” Medina said. Anyone can join, even those who are new to dancing. This club allows students to learn how to dance in a positive and non-judgmental environment. New dances are created with the objective of portraying a certain genre.

It is always important to feel close with your colleagues in this club. “We have days where we do stuff together like a family,” Medina said. She knows how important it is to feel comfortable for club members to perform at their peak. The Hip Hop Club encourages unique personalities because that is positively portrayed in their dance moves, and furthermore in their motivation to dance. The adviser of the club, Kim Fitzgerald, is also passionate about Hip-Hop Club. According to Medina, “She allows us to dance her in room when we are not able to go in the small gym. She provides water for us when it’s necessary.” There is true dedication in this club, as even the adviser contributes.

Hip Hop Club meets Monday and Wednesday in room K-102 and Tuesday and Thursday in the small gym.