Prom a success despite initial prom-blems

Lucy Adame, Editor-in-Chief

So, prom was Saturday… The event was amazing and it seemed that everyone had a good time, despite all of the problems leading up to it this year.

Ever since our hard-working ASB announced the date, all I heard were a bunch of negative comments and complaining. Let’s lay out all the problems, shall we?

The Very Important Date 

Prom was originally going to be the same day as our Shakespeare festival. Instead of moving to a week later or a week earlier, they moved it to a month earlier. On March 20th, La Serna announced that prom would be on April 22, giving students only a month to prepare. This also only gave La Serna students 3 Saturday schools to clear their absences to be able to qualify to go to prom. This caused an outrage. Now, I know that absences are students’ faults, but giving us only 3 days does not make any sense. I know that  it is our job as young adults to clear our absences, but we all know going to the attendance window to clear things up is the last thing on our mind when we have missed a day of school.

The Special Site

After the big success of Homecoming at the Long Beach Aquarium, I, along with everyone else, was very eager to hear where prom would be held. Lo and behold, it was held at the American Way Cultural Center in Orange. Now, I don’t know why people were hating on this choice so much. From the pictures and reviews, this place sounded amazing and it turned out to be very nice. There were big open indoor and outdoor rooms, with amazing decorations and staging. It was a pretty great place to dance the night away. I think our ASB did a really good job in booking this place, and people need to cut them slack on this part and appreciate ASB for their efforts.

The Price is not Right 

Prom has always been expensive, but this year, many students are not willing to pay the price of anywhere between $130 and $180 to go. “It’s way too expensive for what you get out of it. For that money, I could go somewhere with a few friends and have my own big party,” commented senior Daniel Dickens. What are you really paying for? Just getting into the venue and what else, a photo booth? I do not recall food being included in the deal. Yes, when people think of prom they think going out to dinner first and then going to dance, but what would be the harm in having food there, other than some snacks? I mean, I am paying $65; can I at least get a soda with it?

Even with all these negative things in mind, I still think that this year’s prom was awesome. I hope you enjoyed the night, Lancers, because for some of you, it is your last school dance.